Become One With God

Rather you are a man or woman, God looks at all of us as his wife. He chose us, and takes care of us, as a husband does his wife. He fights for us, even sent his son to die for us. (John 3:16-17) So do you know what he calls us when we make time for everything but him? Adulterers! Whores! We go WHORING after everything, disregarding him as if it isn’t he that makes a way for our ends to eat. He Gives us funds for clothes, and provides for us, and we use it all to glorify the enemy, and be a living sacrifice for the enemy! Hosea 2:2-8). We make time for work, tv, applying make up, doing hair, hustling, gossiping, sinning, and etc., as if that takes care of us. (Hosea 2:7-13) Don’t make God take EVERYTHING from you so that you can see that he is God. God will make your path completely dark if you don’t seek him diligently. He will take everything from you & you will have nothing to depend on but him! You are putting yourself under a curse when you carry yourself contrary to the word of God. (deuteronomy 28:15).. But yet, God is still pleading for us! He still wants to give us an expected end, and hope! (Jeremiah 29:11) Become one with God! (John 17:21) Seek him, go after rigteousness! God is loving, kind, faithful, and merciful! Believe in our savior! No matter what you have done he says come! (Hosea 2:18-19, matthew 11:28-20)


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