Dream 10:26

In one of my dreams today I was in a store telling some foreigners about judgement day coming, and Jesus. And they got mad at me as if I was doing something wrong… In the dream the guy asked if I knew what something meant, and he spoke in his native language… And I understood it (acts 2:7-8) and told him what it meant and he got upset and hemmed me up. It was as if I interpreted it he knew something was up… I can’t remember if this was apart of the same dream or not but I remember a lot of ppl running, and I was lifted up into the sky and said “we will mount up on wings like an eagle and soar” I think this dream came from me asking God if I would be here during all this trouble that’s coming… Because of an assignment my sister in Christ is on… (But I don’t know) However walking with God is so amazing!!!he is going to allow his ppl to do some amazing things in these last days, all so he can get the glory and ppl will see that he is the most high! 1 Corinthians 12:28-30, John 14:12 … Glory to God Alone!!! He is a king by himself!!! Ruler and creator by himself!!!


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