A Word From The Lord!

I’m happy that God came and talked to me today… I do not deserve it!!! But I’m beyond thankful! He said ppl need to stop sinning… It needs to be minimized. (1john 3:9) It separates us from him… (Isaiah 59:12) We cant hear him. He also showed me a brown man (he had a gray patch of hair on his head) God told me he wasn’t gonna hurt me… But the man was smoking hookah… God does not like it… I know one of the reasons is because it defiles us and our body is his temple… But I wish I would have asked him if it was something deeper going on with it… But when I saw the man he looked sick, and he was skinny, and I immediately knew it wasn’t right and I repented for doing it. Also gluttony is a sin (proverbs 23:20-21) When God began bringing this to my attention weeks ago I was able to see lusting after food is one of the first sins a person does. It’s greed/lust. This was also the reason I couldn’t hear all what God has to say to me, gluttony! Pray to be holy, and a living sacrifice for him. (Romans 12:1) the King is coming!!!


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