Today I was doing my daughter hair, and she kept trying to play with me, So I began giving her anything to distract her from me; combs, brushes, lotion bottles & etc., so she would focus on those things and not me… then God allowed me to realize that’s the same tactic the enemy uses on ppl to get their focus off of God: Distractions. Putting all type of things in your way so your focus will be OFF God, and on something else to the point you focus on it more than God. That is how satan was cast out of heaven, he got distracted by HIMSELF. He uses the same tactics on ppl, because his goal is to keep u out the kingdom because he can’t enter. Rather its a new boyfriend/girl friend, schedule, activity, device, event, job, and etc., they come in many forms… & the more u seek God the more they will come… However PLZ put God first! Make time for him like u make time for everything else.


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