Flash Vision

I just had a flash vision. I only saw a picture. Jesus was on a white horse coming to earth. I heard a bell, Then I heard this is the last call of the hour. Then I heard how ppl are interested in everything but jesus. Ppl are interested in rappers more than jesus. That’s all I was able to hear. Repent. We have to seek jesus diligently, not just on Sunday’s. Pour out ur heart to him. Ppl r interested in Reality shows, clothes, materials, school, jobs, and no Jesus. Seek him now! This is the last call of the hour!!! Seek righteousness!

The reason this world hasn’t plunged into complete darkness yet is because God still has a remnant here… His bride… But when he takes them from here soon, darkness will abound.

Repent. Seek his kingdom. Be baptized.

Acts 2:38| mark 1:15


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