Know Who You Are In Christ!!!

The devil is defeated! God has allowed me to figure out who I am in Christ. God is OVER ALL. Above all souls, he created EVERYTHING…. Every single thing, so there is NO REASON to worry, he is always in control… Scriptures can’t be broken, he said he won’t forsake us and he won’t. He said he will supply all our needs, and he will. He said his thoughts of us are good, and not evil and they are. He said if we seek him diligently, and obey him, and he will bless us, and he will. He said if we repent, he will toss our sins into the sea of forgetfulness, and he is. It is he who goes before us in all situations… When you are walking with God… He is going to make ur bad work for ur good… because that’s all he can do is good. #HosannaToTheHighest, he said nothing above or nothing below will separate us from him… He is with us until the end of the world.


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