Hosanna To The Highest!!!

I’ve been telling God that I don’t think my words is enough to praise him these last few weeks… and yesterday I was talking to God telling him how goooooood he is to me, and how thankful I am. & “Yah Samah (sito)” popped up in my head. I was like what O_o let me go look this up. Yah means “God” in hebrew language. “Samah” means merciful and generous in Arabic language. I couldn’t find out what sito meant… but together “Yah Samah” means “God is merciful/generous.” Those are two DIFFERENT languages that the holy spirit put into my mind… The power of God is just…. unexplainable. My God is beyond WORTHY to be praised!!! the sea of forgetfulness, and he is. It is he who goes before us in all situations… When you are walking with God… He is going to make ur bad work for ur good… because that’s all he can do is good. #HosannaToTheHighest, he said nothing above or nothing below will separate us from him… He is with us until the end of the world.


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