How Do I Forgive People?

I hope this blesses you the way it has blessed me on my journey with the most high. I am thankful that the most high helped me to understand the following:

Forgiveness, and understanding what is behind all negativity. (Un-forgiveness lands a lot of people in hell)

The source behind all negativity is the devil. God can only do good, period. Understanding this helps when it is time to turn the other cheek, and ask God to help us to forgive; no matter how hurtful the situation is. The bible says we don’t war against flesh and blood, we war against powers of darkness. This means it is not you, and your cousin that is constantly into it. It is the devil using that person as a host to create conflict. The enemy wants us to become so mad and bitter that we can’t forgive others, because he knows that the bible says, Forgive your neighbors, and your father in heaven will forgive you. He wants to turn things upside down and get us to do things contrary to our God, so people will end up in the lake of fire with him. 

1 Peter 5:Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

We have to remember that vengeance belongs to the lord, and let him work on our behalf when we are hurt by others. God will repay everyone according to what they have done to each of us. God has helped me to understand this: I have sinned against him many many times, put him to an open shame many, many times, yet he loved me, died for me, and allowed me to receive the outpouring of his spirit ANYWAY. If God loves me despite my horrible past, and ways, I must love people despite theres. This is why its impossible to love God, and say we don’t like people.

The most high helped me to understand this:

  1. God was betrayed by the devil. ( Isaiah 14: 12-15 )
  2. Jesus was betrayed by Judas.  (Matthew 26:14-16 )
  3. No servant is greater than their master ( John 13:16 )

We will be betrayed as well. We MUST ask God to help us forgive, even when we don’t want to. Do not let the enemy trick you into believing you are too good to be betrayed, NO SERVANT IS GREATER THAN HIS MASTER. WE ARE NOT BETTER THAN HE WHO BEARED ALL OF OUR SINS ON THE CROSS, NOR HE THAT CREATED EVERY BEING.

In the bible Jesus told his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem, suffer many things, and die and be raised the 3rd day, and the bible indicates Peter voiced he was against it, and Jesus said “Get behind me, Satan!” Jesus knew it was not Peter, he knew it was just satan working through Peter. He didn’t get mad at the person, he recognized the source. We have to understand the source behind all unpleasant situations, satan. Do not attach faces with situations, this avoids grudges. Love your neighbor as you love yourself, forgive. Love covers a multitude of sins.

I know this can be a tough task, but pray! Ask him to help you forgive others, and I PROMISE YOU, he will. The most high knows if we don’t forgive we can’t inherit his kingdom, so he will deliver you from unrighteousness. The best thing about the hurtful encounters we come across is that fact that his word says he desires a BROKEN AND CONTRITE HEART! So when our feelings are hurt, we MUST turn to God, and talk to him about it, and he will heal us. Read more about this here)

Repent, and get baptized. The kingdom of God is at hand!

Matthew 16:21-23| Matthew 6:14-15|  Acts 2:38| Mark 1:15


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