About two weeks ago I had a dream:
People were somewhere, and something happened and people changed immediately. A few changed for God, and a lot changed for the enemy. It then became as something that was being watched, and I stated it doesn’t matter how old you are, repent, turn from your sins, if God changed me he will change you.

The people changed based off of what they had in the midst of them. Rather it was Godly things, or evil things. The things we do matter,its a indicator of who we truly serve. Our actions indicate who our God is, rather it’s sinning for the devil, or yielding to righteousness for the most high God who is above all things. We must understand and know that all sin is the same, and we must hate it all and refrain from doing it because of where it began, the devil.

The bible says the most high is supposed to be the glory in our midst, so if the things we do, say, and think aren’t of love… Satan is getting the glory, not God. And it Should NOT be that way. Ask God to become the glory in your midst! Mold us, and purge EVERYTHING that are not of him!

Zechariah 2:5 | James 1: 26| Proverbs 23:7| 1 John 5:3

He loves you! Repent and be baptized!
John 3:16-17| Acts 2:38| Mark 1:15


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