I am humbled to share this with you guys! Yesterday I was crying so hard and just kept saying God I want to talk you, I want to talk… & Guess what!!! He just came to me and we were talking!!! I love my best friend so much! People please keep fighting the fight of faith… Plz stop sinning, & truly seek him & read his word so he can purify you. Please seek him because its all “gonna be over soon,” and those are his words not mine. For the ppl who are just beginning their walk, don’t become scared. God will help u, Just keep seeking him urgently!

God loves us so much. I use to talk to him and say God how are u, how do u act. When I hear messages it always about it being the end, and today he allowed me to see he is just so loving. He cares about us so so so much… More than our mom, dad, grand parents, spouses, and etc.,

Please know that I am always here to anyone who wants to talk about the lord and their walk. Please pray that he allows you to be a living sacrifice for him, on one accord with him, and purges all things that are not of him away! What ever your thoughts, and worries are, TALK to him about it like you would do anyone else, he hears us!

“I love my children very much. You are greater than diamonds to me, worth more to me than gold. My loving thoughts of you are more than the sand. My thoughts of you are good and not evil. I don’t want to see anyone perish, but have eternal life. I love you more than you will ever know. My love waits eternity to be fulfilled.”


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