Get under his wing! (Dream)


I had a dream a few nights ago. I was at a family function. We were at someone’s house. I saw a guy give someone a signal, as if he was setting something up. Just when I was about to warn my family, commotions broke out. My family was fighting each other. When it was over the guy gave him the signal to come down. Instantly I was remembered I forgot to tell my family what I saw! I then began running around the house, asking for my baby. I told my brother sister what I saw because it was her house, and she got scared, she said me in the baby could hide in her closet. A lot of ppl from the function ended up in the room. They were trying to do something to my brother sister. The guys had guns going around shooting everyone killing them, but they didn’t kill the ones who were loyal to them. They got to me and pulled the trigger, it jammed. He went to the next person pulled the trigger & killed them. Another guy came along & pulled the trigger on me & it jammed & he stated God must be with you. He pulled it again, same thing. they were able to shoot others. Then they all began shooting me, but I was not hurt at all. They killed a lot of ppl. Some how we ended up in a store and I told then God is with me, & repent and turn to Jesus. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done. He says come.

The dream means this:

the signal I saw is the sword is coming. The commotions that broke out are many distractions thrown my way to keep me from telling you guys before it’s too late, as you guys can see God has not allowed those trials to hinder me!

Get under his wing so you can be protected!

Pray constantly! Read his word! He is coming soon!!!


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